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Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 12:30 AM

Outdoor camera Spotlight not coming on

I just installed my outdoor camera.

It detects me in my driveway. Green lights blink. But I am not getting a bright white light shining.

I have Spotlight enabled in the night vision settings.

I do have a street light across the street from me. It is in the ignore motion zone.


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2 years ago

Hi dpoznan,


First question for you. Have you seen the spotlight come on at all? For example, if you bring it inside in a fully dark room, you should see the spotlight activate.

If so, where you have the cam set up might just not get dark enough for the spotlight to come on.


Mind you, the Spotlight isn't the same as a floodlight, fully illuminating the environment. It's there to provide just enough light for the camera to capture the scene in color.

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