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Saturday, February 8th, 2020 4:29 PM

Indoor Camera Issues


I've been using SS3 since last summer. It's been pretty great so far! I'm having an issue with my indoor cameras.

One night I woke up, and found all my cameras (4 indoor) and 1 door bell all offline. Very strange indeed.. I have the fastest FIOS in my area, so bandwidth is definitely not an issue. I use one of the heavy duty Netgear Nighthawk gaming routers. I have more Echos, Nest accessories, smart devices, etc.. than I count.. Between my FIOS bandwith and my router, it can handle everything in my home without breaking a sweat..

So, to get my cameras back online, I did a manual reset on all of them. I have them all assigned on their own 2.4Ghz network. The doorbell camera is back up, and zero issues now. The 4 indoor cameras is where I have the issue. I have the privacy shutters all enabled when the system is OFF. In home or away mode, the shutters are set to OPEN. Now, when I arm the system, or manually click to view a live stream on the camera, it lights up SOLID BLUE, then FLASHES BLUE to indicate live stream and recording (due to motion.)

When I click on the camera on app or web browser (iOS, Win10, OSX) it all gives me a black screen, with the loading circle for 10 seconds. Then it times out and seems unavailable, then to retry or troubleshoot. Hmm, so maybe my router kicked the bucket? So i backup all my settings and disable it. I then enable the FIOS wifi, and connect to that. The indoor cameras don't work. So i turnoff the FIOS router, and just use it as a modem. Then, I use the Netgear router, and set a different SSID for the 2.4Ghz network. Same deal. Then, I just reload my backup settings on the netgear router. Everything in my  home connects in a few minutes (all my samsung TVs, echos, nest, etc..) and even the doorbell camera! But these indoor cameras just stopped.. Working!

- All at the same time, my 5 cameras stopped working.
- Factory reset, deleted all from my account, and manually re-added.
- Doorbell camera works flawlessly
- I troubleshooted my wifi (all my other 50+ smart devices work just fine all together.)
- I isolated the router, put only the simplisafe cameras on a SEPARATE 2.4ghz band = no dice
- bypassed my netgear router, and used FIOS wifi = no dice
- reset my netgear router to factory, re-added the indoor cameras, no dice.

Essentially, I troubleshooted my internet to the best of my ability, isolated each component, (my router, fios router) with no avail. I even did a full reboot on the fios system with no avail. i called fios to have them send a reboot signal. For the heck of it, I unplugged them all one night. In the morning, they connected immediately, but same issues above. Figured it was worth a shot. Nope! The only common denominator that doesn't work are the 4x cameras themselves. I've had this issue before, where 1 or 2 cameras stop working randomly once in awhile. Usually, deleting them and re-adding does the trick.

I consider myself a tech nerd with a very complicated home network. Yes, I have more devices than I can count, but they all work together just fine. I've tried to troubleshoot all my devices, and just isolated the cameras directly to the fios router to the internet. No dice. I temporarily disabled all security interfaces on my home network (hardware and software.) My simplisafe system shows connected to wifi zero issues. I called support 2x in the past week, and they don't know what the issue is. They recommend it's my internet, even though I have gigabit through FIOS. They said they'd call me back today after they do more research.. I'll call back later today if they don't and ask for warranty for all 4 cameras...

Anyone else have thoughts? I'm frustrated at the moment!!!

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4 years ago

Around a month ago I list connection to my single SimpliSafe indoor camera. Will not reconnect to wifi. I have been troubleshooting with my internet provider (whom SimpliSafe blames) & SimpliSafe. Even sent a new camera. Just will not connect. Gets to a yellow blinking light on the camera, which is trying to connect to wifi mode. Never stops blinking and never re-connects. Left it blinking all night & next morning was still blinking. I have run out of options. Please inform me if you come up with a solution for getting back online.

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Your problem is all but certainly your something with your WiFi setup.

The first thing to do is be sure your phone is on the same 2.4GHz WiFi network that the camera will connect to.

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6 months ago

i have been having problems with indoor black camera, no internet connection. first on lasted about 9 months before calling simpisafe , they replaced with a second one. now this one after about 9 months is doing same thing. Is there a problem with indoor cameras?

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