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Saturday, July 29th, 2023 10:15 PM

Doorbell 10" add-on Monitor

Simplisafe needs to respond to their customers needs,, Everyone would love to see who is at their front door without having to login to their cell phone.. Since Simplisafe has all their devices hook up seamlessly with the base station like cameras, sensors and more.. Why not have or offer a 10" Monitor Screen that also hooks up wirelessly to the base station as a stand alone or dedicated monitor, All you have to do is add the same chip that all the other Simplisafe devices have to communicate to the Base Station.. There won't be any compromised security because it is propietory to Simplisafe only...

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18 days ago

Amen!  If I would have known that it didn’t integrate with other systems to see who is at the front door I would never have bought the system.  I know you and I aren’t the only ones who have a problem with this.  You would think they would do that for their customers after we made the investment in the system.  Maybe they will listen to their customers finally.  Fingers crossed.

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18 days ago

Don't count on them doing the right thing for their customers.
I have had conversations with their techs and it appears that everything I said to them went in one ear and out the other. I even had the tech agreeing with me about security issues as well as the compatibility issues. Bottom line is they really don't care what the customers want!!!!



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@davidnketchum As I can see your point on requesting a display option other than  your phone, I do ask you don't post the same reply 3 itmes with the exact same veribage. That said, with biometric log in, its not that big of a chore accessing the doorbell feed in effort or time, IMO.

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17 days ago

Hi @davidnketchum ,

Apologies, looks like our team missed this post.

I'm not quite sure what you're asking here - you'd like to have a smart screen that functions essentially the same as the SimpliSafe app, but without having to log in?

As @captain11 says, you can set up biometric login for a much quicker experience. And once you're logged in, and continue to use the SimpliSafe app regularly, you could theoretically never need to log in again. So what you could try instead is just set up an Android tablet or iPad at your door and use it that way?

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