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Thursday, January 19th, 2023 9:57 PM

Does the Google Nest Doorbell connect to SimpliSafe

Hi, I'm not an SS customer right now, just doing some research before making a decision. I recently bought a Google Nest Doorbell. They were on sale and I figured I could return it later if I didn't use it. I thought I'd read online that SS and Google products could connect, but I'm starting to think that the connection is very minor. Is it possible to integrate my Google camera with the SS system?

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1 year ago

No, you can't use a 3rd party camera with SimpliSafe. (And you've never been able to.) SimpliSafe is a closed system and you must use SimpliSafe hardware. The only exception is that some August SmartLocks will work with SimpliSafe.

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@worthing​ Thank you for the info! This is good to know. I tried to talk to the support chat before posting, but they didn't seem to understand my question.


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2 months ago

They connect to different systems like Apple Home, Alexa, and Google. They sell you the convenience but not the automated integration. You use the apps separately for day-to-day but notifications come through the host. There will be other main sites which can integrate them but SS doesn't offer the solution through them.


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