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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 4:42 AM


I installed monitoring system and 3 cameras today. The cameras continually disconnect and not working. Simplisafe customer service says my wifi is "too fast" and I would 2.4Ghz instead of the 5 Ghz I have. Then they suggested I "split" my wifi to accommodate.

My current Nest cameras are working just fine with my current wifi. My original plan was to replace my NEST cameras with the Simplisafe ones.

I'm considering returning the cameras back to Simplisafe, but now I'm concerned their monitoring is of the same quality. Anybody experience the same issue?

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3 years ago

Three cameras, no problems, including one mounted outdoors on the front porch for over a year.  But all within a 1000 sq ft footprint with the wifi router in the middle.

You can run both 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi at the same time, and you should so the cameras can use the 2.4 while the rest of your things are on 5 GHz.  That will improve things, I think.  2.4 GHz reaches farther.  Your router/gateway/AP almost-certainly has both.

As for monitoring:  It's run by a separate company that always answers the phone (unlike *cough* Simplisafe *cough*, though they are getting better).  They are highly reliable by most accounts, including my own.
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