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Sunday, March 27th, 2022 6:49 PM

Battery for doorbell?

​I didn't realize the doorbell had a battery.  I received an alert message today stating it was less than 30%​

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1 year ago

Hi @mtebor ,

The Video Doorbell Pro does indeed have a very small battery that helps with operation - though not enough to keep it powered for more than a few minutes.

The wired doorbell circuit should be keeping it charged. So if you're getting a warning, that implies that it's not getting enough power!

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@davey_d​  thanks.  I wonder if that line is on a mismarked breaker.   I was doing a light changeout and had to turnoff the upstairs circuits.  not sure why side door would be on that line though but I am not surprised as this house is 72 years old

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9 months ago

I also received this notice of less than 30% doorbell battery. I know the doorbell has power because I can use the camera and the doorbell works. I am currently away from home. What could be causing this?

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