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Thursday, March 9th, 2023 12:48 PM

Base station- camera distance

​I have 6 cameras on a building that is 30’ w x 60’ long. I have two options on where I can plug in my base station and have a constant power supply. The building is cinderblock.​

initially the base station was located towards one end of the building and the cameras closer to it worked better than the other 3 cameras, which are more important for security purposes, so I moved it to the other side of the building. Now 1 of the furthest cameras is not as responsive and keeps going off line.​

​Is there a work around for this? I will try reinstalling this camera. Although I have gone through basestation resets and camera resets repeatedly and I’m getting tired of spending hours upon hours trouble shooting this system.​

The cameras are very fussy, and I am strongly considering getting an entirely different solution. This building is in a high crime area and these cameras don’t work consistently or fast enough and the images of people and cars they have picked up are poor.



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1 year ago

@DArgyle Before you give up, I would contact SS support and work through it. First, its important to know that the cameras are connected through WIFI. That's good news as you can always put in an extender, or use a mesh system and get the coverage you need. Also, the Connection Check Tool is great to determine how good or bad your signal is.  Give it a try.

Hope this helps, and please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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1 year ago

Hi @DArgyle ,

Did you say that all of the walls of this building, even in-between rooms, are cinderblock? If so, WiFi in general would have trouble no matter what. Keep in mind that the cameras do connect directly to your WiFi router, so that's what we need to consider when troubleshooting interference/blocking. It might help to set up a WiFi extender in multiple spots around the building, connected by wire, to bypass the walls. 

However, the Outdoor Cameras also need to connect with the Base Station through a local radio signal (not WiFi). That's how the camera is woken up from deep sleep. Unfortunately we don't have a way to boost that local radio signal, so moving the Base Station around to different spots would be the best bet.

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