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Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 3:23 PM

Legitimate email, or SPAM/SCAM?

I have recently received an email claiming to be from SimpliSafe, stating that there has been a comment added to my request . . . . but I have no request in process.  The email address seems legitimate (privacy-request@simplisafe.com) but the fact that it refers to a non-existent request seems like a scam.  Has anyone else dealt with this?  I tried customer support by phone, but the automated operator said wait time is over 30 minutes (another disappointing issue altogether.)

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3 years ago

Hello kimproemmel,

So sorry  about that very vague note. Did you happen to recently submit a request under the California Consumer Privacy Act? If so, we use a ticketing system to keep track of requests.

- Johnny M.
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4 months ago

This happened to me yesterday but I did not click on the link.  I have no idea if its legit - and didn't put in a request.

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@rkmuzio​ As Davey mentioned above, we do use a ticketing system to track these type of requests. I know you said that you didn't submit a request under the California Consumer Privacy Act, but do you know if you made any type of request on another channel that could have been sent to our Privacy team?

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