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Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 6:59 PM


What is the function of USB inside the door bell housing adjacent the contacts?

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@captain11​ Thank you

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@captain11​ That answers one part of the issue not addressed by Emily which was what is the purpose of the micro-usb port.  Apparently the micro-usb has no purpose if it is not meant to charge anything.  I was curious as to why after sitting in the box since June 2023 (when I bought it) until now I was able to plug it into usb off notebook and the light around button was blinked yellow then white, almost immediately.  When I put it on the wired faceplate there was nothing (there was proper voltage on the terminal screws and on the flat copper plates) yet no response on the doorbell.  @emily_s  did suggest that the micro-usb will not charge the doorbell and it should sit on the faceplate for at least 10 minutes.  I put the doorbell back on the faceplate and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  When I checked it was blinking white and installed into the system without a hitch.  Thank you

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