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Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 5:10 PM

iPhone App logging out frequently

This used to happen on my previous iphone. I emailed customer support explaining what a huge security flaw the automatic logout was, and they responded quickly and thanked me for bringing it to their attention. Oddly, it never happened (automatic logout) again on thst device from that day forward. Now, new phone, latest ios, latest app version and I'm having to log in every time I check on the app. Didn't realize it until I stopped getting motion alerts from my driveway camera (because Simplisafe logged me out).

Very unsafe feature. If I log in I need to stay logged in until I sign out myself, just like it used to work. Otherwise I'll be cancelling my subscription and requesting a refund for the entire time I was unwittingly logged out and not receiving alerts about people coming on my property.

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3 months ago

Hi @culversalesmktg ,

Apologies for the app trouble. When you log into the app, are you being asked to confirm through an email link, or through a code sent to you in a text message?

The latter is called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and is more secure. Once you're logged in, it should stay logged in indefinitely - so long as you launch the app regularly and use your system. It sounds like MFA may have been turned off for you when you switched phones, or it might have encountered an issue. You can learn more about MFA and how to re-enable it by visiting this Help Center article.

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