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Sunday, December 4th, 2022 9:17 PM


An idea for improving the SimpliSafe app for easier camera control.

My SimpliSafe security system includes four (4) outdoor cameras. The SimpliSafe app lists all four of my cameras in one place on the app. From that list I can access each camera's individual settings in a separate sub-menu for each camera. One of the selections in each sub-menu allows for choosing whether I want a particular camera 'armed' to record when it detects motion. All great so far. However, there are various times when I want all four cameras either armed or disarmed for detecting motion. And with the current design of the SimpliSafe app, this requires that I access each individual camera's sub-menu to either arm or disarm motion detection. This gets a bit tedious. Accordingly,  am requesting that SimpliSafe consider adding a feature to the app making it possible to arm or disarm motion detection for all cameras with a single selection, in one location on the app; either on the 'Overview' screen of the app (best choice), or at least on the 'Cameras' screen. This would make controlling motion detection for all of my cameras much easier.

Thanks for considering.



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1 year ago

Yea that would be nice as you are right you have to go to each individual camera and do that and sometimes a pain

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1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestion, @H_Reardon 

I can certainly pass along this feedback to our dev team. In the meantime, we are slowly rolling out a Snooze Notification feature for testing. As this becomes more available, you'll be able to snooze motion alerts on your device, rather than having to go and arm/disarm the cameras independently. Keep an eye out on the community for the announcement of this feature.

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