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Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 4:27 PM

Will the motion sensors work in a poorly insulated hot garage?

My garage is only lightly insulated and regularly gets into the mid 90s during summer.  I'm wondering if someone breaking into during the summer would register with the IR motion sensors since their skin temp would probably be about the same as the ambient temp?    As mentioned in a different post here I already have a camera in the garaga but motion on cameras is not able to trigger any alarms. 

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2 years ago

@s13n with environmental variability involved, I would say it's worth experimenting - assuming that there's a Motion Sensor that you already have and can test with.

But another thing you can try is an Entry Sensor set to Secret Alerts. That way, it's guaranteed to trigger, but won't set off a full alarm. And that would also trigger a camera recording.

The other thing to keep in mind is that any sensor will perform best within the recommended operating environment: 32F - 120F, 90% max humidity. Outside of that range, the batteries in particular may not last as long, so you might end up needing to change them out every couple of years, versus the regular 3-5.

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2 years ago

Good to know.  I think I'll use your idea and test when it gets hot by borrowing a motion sensor from elsewhere in the house.  

For me my garage is problematic to secure because I get Amazon "Key" deliveries.  They are usually very quick and probably frisbee the package in under the door as it opens and leave ASAP.  But my garage has a window that someone could theoretically force open or break to get it, and maybe they find a way to open the door with a garage door remote code cloner (seems to be rarer these days than the old fixed code systems).  If the cameras had better motion detection, supported triggering alarms on motion, and allowed me to ignore parts of the image I could use just one camera.  Instead I need an additional entry sensor on door and window, a window break sensor, and a motion sensor - and I still might get false alarm if there's an unexpected delivery to the garage.  For now I guess a silent alarm mode is best unless it is a window break or window open.

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