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Friday, April 22nd, 2022 4:08 PM

Wife says door entry sensors are ugly...what to do....

Wondering if anyone has a spouse/partner/pet that doesn't like the look of the entry sensors stuck on doors and windows, so  you can't use those but it is OK to have motion sensors and glass-break sensors.

If so...any advice on how to set up "home" mode? I am thinking perhaps it isn't possible?

It would be great to have "Home" mode turn on a set of motion sensors that I select (also say if you have a 2-story house and just want to arm everything on the 1st floor at night if bedrooms are upstairs)

Thank you



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2 years ago

@simpleuser this is an old post a month old, but yes, you can customize home and away mode by sensor.  I also have a 2 story house with all bedrooms on the 2nd floor. When we go to bed, we turn on home mode and all motion sensors in the garage and 6 others are all armed. Entry/exit delays are set to 0/0 as we don't expect or want  anyone in the house besides us and that includes entry sensors on our two garage doors. All are set to instant trigger.

For away mode, 3 other motions are also armed upstairs....you know, for those that may bring their own ladders. :-)

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