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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 11:00 PM

How do I install the entry sensor on a door with molding all around it?

My doors are not flush with the walls because they all have molding around them. I would really like to install these sensors on my exterior doors. Any suggestions on how to do this since they are not level/flush and the 2 pieces would not match up? Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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2 years ago


Our Entry Sensors are able to work for a variety of different doors and windows - so long as the two pieces are together when that entryway is "closed", and separated more than 2" when it's "open". Check out our guide here for visuals on a variety of installation scenarios.



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4 years ago

The don't have to match up exactly, just be less than 2" apart when closed.  I would mount the sensor on the door, and the magnet on the molding centered top to bottom on the sensor.  It is is not close enough for reliable open AND close sensing, then mount a block of wood under the sensor to bring it out far enough to mate with the magnet.



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4 years ago

@rhankle just installed my daughter's SS3 system (expanded) in her new 1906 built house. Molding was extremely wide on several windows and on some the main sensor body went on the frame and the magnet on the window, and others the exact opposite.
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