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Thursday, February 17th, 2022 11:55 PM

Sensors keep showing open or not responding

Have 2 sensors having problems. One keeps going unresponsive replaced with new one still does it moved base closer same problem. It is not the furthest sensor. Have another sensor that keeps saying open. I have to remove and reinstall it to system. Only had system little over 2 months and already have more issues than last system we had over 2 years. About to give up and move to another brand.

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2 years ago

Hi bdern!

When a sensor becomes "unresponsive", that means that it has failed its regular check-ins with the Base Station - so what we're troubleshooting is the wireless signal between that sensor and your Base Station. Wireless signals in general are susceptible to interference, which can be caused by either dense physical objects literally getting in the way (like walls or heavy appliances) or other wireless signals competing for the same airspace.

So to get to the bottom of what's happening with that sensor, we'll need to know more about where it's situated, what material it's installed on, what's between that sensor and your Base Station, and perhaps what other wireless devices are active in your home.

As for that persistent 'open' signal: it helps to know that the Entry Sensor works by detecting the magnet - the smaller piece. When the two pieces are within 2" of each other, the sensor registers as "closed".

You might get a constant 'open' signal if the two pieces are too far from each other, so the sensor is not able to detect the magnet. Or if either of the two pieces are installed on metal - specifically iron or steel, which can interrupt the magnetism.

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2 years ago


Thanks for the response, just for reference I was an industrial electrician, mechanic and head of it. So I have a background and know all about the interfaces and problems associated with wireless technology. Had to have several repeaters in our buildings just for phones. System worked fine for almost 2 months the this started. Nothing has been added in or around house. As stated had a smart things by adt for 2 years and only changed 1 battery 0 problems with connectivity and one sensor was around 100' away. The sensors I have problems with are less than 30' away the one that keeps showing open is around 15' away. Both have around 1/2" gap. One that shows open off and on will still chime base unit even tho states open. Othe one has been replaced with new one already as started doing same thing. Sorry for rant just frustrating that seems like every time try to use System one of these 2 sensors has a problem. 

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@bdern​ Good to hear that you know your way around tech. I do like to go back to basics for a lot of troubleshooting, in case we miss anything - and so we can serve as a guide for other users in the future!

I'm not very familiar with that other system, but I'm willing to bet that they use a totally different frequency. So of course it'd be affected by different factors, and we can't really use it as a gauge for your current system.

For that one sensor with a persistent open: Where is the Open warning actually showing up? On the Keypad/Base Station, on the app, or both? And can you confirm it's not placed on a metal door?

The other sensor that is offline - what's between that sensor and your Base Station?

Finally, just in case this hasn't been suggested to you yet, you can try a Base Station Reset by unplugging the unit, unscrewing the bottom panel, and removing one of the rechargeable batteries - before reassembling. This will force a reboot, which might clear away software errors.

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2 months ago

I think I can help here!  We've been experiencing the exact same issue for months now, and just tonight a second sensor started showing as open when it was closed.  I called SimpliSafe - again - and spoke to a rep who said the two pieces of the sensors were TOO CLOSE together.  I adjusted them and they are now showing as closed.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  

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