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Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 6:11 PM

How do I get the base station to announce the entries name when I open a door?

When I open the door or back door or garage door, I would like the base to announce its name.

oh, I have kids in the house from time to time and this is a great safety feature. 

I switched from another security system to simple safe, and the old system had that function. The base knows it’s name I’ve heard it say it so I would like to know how to make it announce whenever a door is open either an alarm mode or off mode.


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3 months ago

Hi @lea0619, 

The Base Station currently doesn't have the capability to announce the name of your sensors once they are opened. This is a highly requested feature that has been passed along to our dev team. If and when this feature is rolled out, an official update will be announced in this thread.

In the meantime, you can set your Entry Sensors to Secret Alert to get a text notification each time your sensors are opened.

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3 months ago

this feature has been "highly requested" for a while now. I am doubting the dev team will do this. Its odd that they are not capable of doing this.

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@mel_eacd91​ thats so true. I asked about this a few years ago when i first switched to SS and got the same response. A " highly requested" feature and still no movement on this. Very strange that they cant make the connection to announcing which door is open like other systems do considering the base station does " know and speak" the door sensors as the OP stated

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