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Thursday, July 13th, 2023 9:42 PM

Sensor detection range

I'm trying to map out sensor locations for my home.  I want overlapping coverage, but I don't want to overkill the number sensors installed.  Can anyone tell me the reasonable detection range for motion sensors and glass break sensors (in line of sight feet)?



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11 months ago

@danc_2 The SS website has both sensor type information you are seeking, however, I have found over the years nothing like testing yourself in your own home. I have seven motion sensors on the first floor (Including the garage) and three upstairs on the 2nd floor, all configured for instant trigger with the exception of the garage location, which is set to secret alert. All are armed in away mode, only the first floor in home mode.  All are located in the corner of the rooms with 3M velcro strips and not pointed directly at windows facing due south or west, or near air ducts, and no ceiling fans, all to avoid false alarms.   The original motion sensors are good to approx 30 feet and, for example, I have the kitchen motion on medium sensitivty to avoid picking us up when we come through the garage door. (Believe me, an issue on high as it would set off the alarm sporadically before the entry sensor on the door (only one not on instant trigger) would notify the base to start the countdown.  Also, the new Smart Alarm Cameras have excellent motion sensors but will go down if you lose wifi.

As far as the glass break sensor, I have 3 and none are more than 15 feet. Again, you can test this in test mode, pressing the test button on top of the sensor, and clapping your hands.  (I tested with a hammer, drop cloth and old windows too).

Support is also very helpful.  Please note I do not recommend the new 2nd gen motion sensor.

Motion Sensor Installation guide with range:


Glass Break Sensor Guide with range:



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