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Monday, April 4th, 2022 5:40 PM

Multiple sensors are falling off line; Please help. I’ve spoken with troubleshooting multiple times to no avail

Multiple sensors are falling off line.; Please help. I’ve spoken with troubleshooting multiple times to no avail. 

This post is much like Eric from last year. It looks like Eric probably had to go with a different monitoring system.

I’ve had SimpliSafe3 since April 2021. Initially there were several challenges with faulty equipment, however, the situation has been resolved between June 2021 and until February 2022 was working perfectly.

I’vereceived an error on 2/21/22 that a device was not responding. It was only one entry sensor. Figuring that it was likely just the battery I replaced the battery… However the problems became much more severe and on March 9, 2022… all of the entry sensors Began sending codes for device not responding.

They do not all happen at once, but they do happen on the hour. For example I will have multiple 4-5 entry sensors and motion sensors fall off at 11:08 PM. They randomly restore them selves at different times. When it’s 12:08 AM different entry and motion sensors become unresponsive.

simpliSafe sent me out an entire new system… But that did not fix the issue either. I have called customer service numerous times only to be promised then an elevated team would be contacting me. Supposedly this elevated team is only there Monday through Friday between 8 AM to 4 PM Eastern time.

To answer a few questions I have done all of the trouble shooting that has been recommended. We have moved the base station multiple times. The base station is located near a window on the second floor where it gets the best cellular signal. There is no Wi-Fi issue and there is a Wi-Fi network. None of the camera fall off-line. It is not a Wi-Fi issue.

No new equipment has been added to the house whatsoever. No baby monitor other interfering electronic device.

It is only occurring with the radio frequency devices. Even a device within 5 feet of the SimpliSafe base station is falling off line intermittently. I have been able to identify that these occur hourly… But it is not all of the sensors each hour.

I have gone through all of the different troubleshooting steps which are common. Nothing is on metal doors they are all wide. The base station is sitting on a wood bedside table where it has been sitting since June 2021. The only thing that appears to have changed is the SimpliSafe update which was pushed through in February. I am open to other options. I would like to know if anyone else is having the same issue as well

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2 years ago


It sounds like you already know a little of what's going on here. Your system's sensors check in with the Base Station once per hour, to let it know that it's still online. When the Base Station does not get that expected hourly check-in, that's what generates the "Sensor Offline" message. So basically, the warning comes up for any reason that the signal is not able to make it to the Base Station.

It could be one of the following:

  1. The Sensor is not powered on. Either the battery strip is still in place, or the battery no longer has enough charge.
  2. The sensor is out of range - too far for the signal to travel. Over open air, that range is typically ~800ft, but could be decreased by interference.
  3. Speaking of which, there could be a dense physical object that is preventing the signal from passing through. This could be a brick or adobe wall, mesh insulation, heavy appliances, anything like that. Whatever it is would have to be directly between the sensor and the Base Station.
  4. There is another signal communicating in similar frequencies, 'drowning out' the signal from the components. Since the sensors use a lower frequency, we're looking for simpler devices, like a remote controlled garage door opener, wireless weather station, ham radio setups, etc.


  • You've tried moving the Base Station around, confirming that it's probably not a physical obstruction
  • It's happening to multiple sensors, (I'm assuming) installed in different places, so we know that whatever the issue is, it's all around the location
  • We've already tried a totally new set of equipment, so we can discount a hardware issue

The only thing that it really could be is some sort of wireless device that we haven't accounted for yet.

Was the Specialist team able to reach out? I can definitely put another ticket through to make sure it happens.

And @jndankert ,

Since sensor errors are caused by a lack of communication, they cannot cause false alarms. So we'd have to think about those Motion Sensor false alarms separately. Unfortunately, troubleshooting both would really be best done from the actual location, since we'd have to not only identify potential sources of interference, but also move components around for best reception.


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2 years ago


Have you been able to resolve the problem ?

My system (installed Dec 2020) has been working fine until this year. Each of my motion sensors has falsely triggered. But this morning a new problem started. Two water sensors and a glassbreak sensor went offline. Exactly one hour later an entry sensor went offline. And, exactly one hour after that another water sensor and another entry sensor went offline.

I will not be at this house for a few weeks, so I'm unable to start the trouble-shooting process of removing/replacing the batteries. But I'm a little suspicious about the exactly one hour intervals and the fact that a total of six sensors have failed in one morning.

I'd appreciate any help you can give!

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2 years ago

And exactly one hour later another water sensor and the keypad are now offline.

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2 years ago

Nov. 18,2022 

How can I trust this Simplisafe system? last week 3 or 4 sensors with good batteries failed at about the same time. I had to disconnect them from system to stop warnings.

G. Dodgion

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Hi @jdodgion,


Thanks for checking in. What is the exact warning message that you're seeing?


There is a distinct "Low Battery" warning for sensors. Since we use lithium batteries, they should be able to last up to 3-5 years.


But if you're seeing an "Offline" or "Not Responding" message, that means that the sensor is failing to communicate with the Base Station. While a low battery can certainly impact range, there are several other possible issues that could be the actual problem. We have a guide on the Help Center here, that can take you through troubleshooting steps.

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1 year ago

Have this exact problem.  And atarted after last system update as well,

Have had to add all sensors twice now.

Keypad went off line, the system wouldn't even let me disarm with my phone.


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@susanparvis​ you describe a very different issue; it sounds like your Base Station has lost its memory, so it no longer remembers any of its components. We'll want to replace the unit entirely to resolve. Please contact our Support team and we'll get your system back online!

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