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Tuesday, July 4th, 2023 12:54 AM

How to secure a backdoor


We had a recent break-in attempt through our back door, and I was wondering if there is a way to secure it that if someone tries to break in the alarm will turn on.

One option is the entry sensor, however, I would need to manually turn it on/off every time I want to use that door, which for sure I will forget at some point.

Is there a way to program the specific sensor to arm say between 11pm and 6am only? Or when the whole system is set to away?



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1 year ago

@eglemfiles The short answer is no.  You can set the sensor to be on secret alert in off mode and configure it for instant trigger, but that is as close as it gets.  What you are asking for adds a lot more complexity to the system.  I have asked for  years the ability to have a sensor armed at all times for those entry points that are never, or nearly never, used. I have 3 basement windows that have not been opened in 30+ years and would love to have them armed even when the overall system is off.  Still waiting 12 years later.....

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1 year ago

Hi @eglemfiles, 

I'm sorry to hear about this recent break-in attempt - I hope that everyone is okay. Captain11 is correct. Currently, there is no way to customize one sensor to always stay active when the system is in Off Mode. This feature request has been submitted to our dev team.

Captain does propose a great workaround, though. If you enable Secret Alerts for the Entry Sensor on your back door, a notification will be sent to your phone whenever the sensor is triggered. You can learn more about enabling Secret Alerts in this Help Center article.

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