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Saturday, October 24th, 2020 7:23 PM

Camera Power Requirement

How much current does the Simplicam draw when in use?  I am thinking of using a battery and converter at a remote location to power the camera. This will help me determine how big the battery needs to be.

Also, does a Simplicam work as a standalone camera without the base station? I would like to experiment with one before I purchase a full system.

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4 years ago

Good question.

Never checked the power draw since mine are all mains powered through the adapter.

The cams do not work through the base so in that regard they are separate. However,  I know they don't work outside the SS ecosystem e.g. won't feed video to a non-SS app/system. But, never have tried using the SS app for just cameras with no base/no SS account so can't say what happens in that case.

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4 years ago

I measured this.


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bad link....

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2 years ago

@simplistuckon - That link no longer works, but I'm also curious about the answer to this question! Can you share what you found?

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1 year ago

@davey_d a little help please?  Can you find the original post from my link above?  I can't.  Thank you.

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1 year ago

@simplistuckon alas it's possible that older post has since been archived.

I can say at least that the Indoor Camera uses the typical 5v/1.5a power adapter. Total power draw may vary depending on factors like interference, length of the recording (which does vary depending on event type) and the resolution setting.

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