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Thursday, June 30th, 2022 12:18 AM

glass break sensors offlin

I have 3 glassbreak sensors that are shown as offline. How do you get them back online?   

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2 years ago

Hi @ClydeNewbury ,

"Offline" or "Not Responding" always means that the sensor is having trouble communicating with the Base Station. That could mean that the sensor's battery is on the way out (though it should be lasting 3-5 years).

But most commonly, the issue is with interference. Either there's a dense physical object literally getting in the way of the signal, or there's another wireless signal that's drowning it out. Interference might go in and out, so you might also see a corresponding "Sensor Restored" the next time the sensor is able to check in again. But you'll need to troubleshoot fully to prevent the error from happening again in the future.

For a full guide on resolving, check out our Help Center article here.



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2 years ago

@ClydeNewbury several ways: my go to is to press the test button and then clap in front of the window. Similar to opening and closing a door or windor that has an entry sensor, it sends a signal back to the base and does the trick and reconnects. The behaviour of 3 glass breaks all being off at the same time does seem odd, however, and if it occurs again I would call SS to troubleshoot (switch around sensors, change batteries, check for new electrical sources etc) especially if these 3 glass break sensors have been there for a while with no issues.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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8 days ago

I also have this problem with 1 glass break sensor that has been working for 5 years.  I changed the battery and ran the test and it is still offline and disabled.  Do these sensors eventually fail? Could I try deleting and reinstalling the sensor? or do I eed to order a new one.

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@marduino​ If the Glassbreak Sensor is still showing as "Offline" despite replacing its battery and putting it into Test Mode, it's possible that the sensor has been Offline for too long. In that case, we would want to remove the sensor from your system and then add it back in again.

To remove the sensor, take the following steps:

  1. Open the SimpliSafe® mobile app on your phone or tablet

  2. Choose My System from the bottom navigation bar

  3. Select Device Settings

  4. Tap on the sensor you wish to remove

  5. Choose Remove Device

Once you have removed your sensor, you can add it back using the installation guide from our Help Center, here.

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