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Thursday, August 18th, 2022 3:55 PM

False Motion Sensor Alarms

I've had SS since 2015. Upgraded to Gen 3 about a year ago. Have never had any false alarms or issues until a day ago. All issues with 3 motion sensors. All have adequate battery, have been tested, and placed in areas that won't have heat signatures or false alarms. No pets in the home.

Event 1: 8/17 at 2am, our stairway motion sensor trips our alarm in home mode. Turned off alarm and verified it was a false alarm. Noticed in our log, a dining room motion sensor was also tripped. This is odd because the dining room motion sensor is set of OFF when in home mode. I called support later that morning, and was told everything is ok and the second sensor probably reacted to the first going off, even if it wasn't supposed to be on.

I did have an update on the keypad, so completed the update process.

Event 2: 8/18 at 9am, a third motion sensor is tripped in away mode. Verified that it was a false alarm. Called support again and was told it was all ok.

Obviously there is an issue, either with the motion sensors or with the system itself. Have not had 1 false alarm for unknown reasons in over 7 years, and now have had 2 in under 36 hours. To top it off, customer support is not helpful, and is unable to troubleshoot anything. I understand employees are hard to find, but I would rather wait on hold for an hour to talk to someone knowledgeable than get through immediately to someone who sounds like they are working from home and has basic trouble communicating.

Anybody else have similar issues recently? Would like to hear if there is a solution instead of just hoping I won't get another false alarm that wakes the entire house tonight.

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2 years ago

Hi @seekinghelp, welcome to the community.

It's important to note that our motion sensors are passive infrared - so they're set off by hotspots moving around the room. In some instances, a false alarm from the motion detector can be the result of a heat source from within the same room, such as a radiator. Do any of these rooms have a heat source that might be present? Or has it been especially hot with direct sunlight pointing towards the motion sensor for the 9 am one that went off?

Since the motion detectors are a bit older, it would be important to double-check the batteries within them. The batteries for our motion detectors are expected to last 3-5 years

Happy to try and dig into this further with you.

All the best,

Alexandria C.

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Hi. Thanks for the response but none of that applies.

the sensors are actually less than a year old, as I indicated in my original post, we upgraded to Gen 3 about a year ago. Replaced all batteries to be certain, anyway.

No radiators,  my heat is not even on in my home this time of year. All sensors that tripped are in dark areas of the home, one even has no natural light source (stairwell). 

I get that everyone wants to believe it is an easy fix, but it’s been 3 sensors in 36 hours that have faulted. I really think it has something to do with programming.

Since this happened, I changed all batteries and removed the sensors from the system, then re-added them back. Hoping that will work.

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@seekinghelp​ Thanks for clarifying. Since removing and re-adding them to the system have you heard any false alarms? What type of material do the sensors reside on (drywall, metal, etc.)?

In some rare instances, I have heard of lightning and thunder setting them off. One other customer had an issue with a laser printer turning on every few hours that was triggering the infrared sensor. Just trying to think out of the box as to what may have set them off here.

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All are on drywall. No storms during the times they went off and literally nothing is in the view of the original sensor that was alarmed (it is aimed down a stairway with a 90 degree wall at the bottom).

A dehumidifier is in view of the third sensor, but again it has been that way since they have been installed and this is all a sudden recent occurrence.

No false alarms since re-adding them and also turning the sensitivity to the lowest setting. Hopefully that will do the trick. 

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Understood. It does sound like there may have been a communication error with the sensors. If the issue does crop back up, please reach back out to me here and we can further investigate the sensors and home environment to see what may be triggering it. 

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