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Saturday, August 25th, 2018 12:46 PM

Glass Break Sensor - False Alarm - Why??

Last night our glass break sensor went off while set in away mode.  I was able to check the cameras while on the phone with the monitoring company and both our dogs were just laying down, looking around, listen to the siren and no glass was broken anywhere, so I had the alarm disregarded.  I double-checked the house when we got home and couldn't find anything that may have fallen to set the alarm off.  We've had the system for about a year and never had this happen before.  What could cause the sensor to just go off for no reason?  I'm trying to convince my wife to upgrade to the new system and this didn't help.

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The Glassbreak Sensor works by listening for the very specific sound of a window being smashed - a low-pitched thud coupled with a high-pitched crash.  From what you've mentioned, it doesn't sound like any of that was going on.

It is rarely possible that one of your dogs might have triggered it from barking, since it's possible for certain dogs to replicate that low-high-pitched combination. But since you've had the system for a while and this has never happened before, that might be unlikely as well.

The only thing I can think of is that you might have left your TV on, and breaking glass might have happened in a show or commercial? That's happened before with one of our customers.

At the very least, I'm glad that you had the SimpliCam active as well, so you could check in and make sure that there was no intruder at home!




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@mdolfan, this is an example of why you should upgrade. Could just be a bad sensor and SS would send you a new one, but even my wife appreciates the features (and looks) of the new system.

Smaller sensors means less visual clutter for her (we now have 40 sensors) but the performance of SS3, in my opinion, makes it a no brainer to upgrade.  Distance is greatly improved and motion sensors are now in my garage and basement, where it was out of the question for SS2.

Also, the messaging on SS3 tells you when your smoke and co sensors need cleaning, batteries low etc.  Add the new lighted keypads, ability to update the software and, finally, light up, my wife was in full agreement to upgrade.

At least call SS to replace your glass break.

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I'm also glad for the cameras.  It allowed us to confirm that there was no intruder in the house.  There was no television on, so it couldn't be that.  We do have birds, but we've always had them.  Maybe one of them hit the right "frequency?"  Who knows.  


Thanks for the comments.  You mentioned cleaning the smoke and CO sensors.  Does the glass break need to be cleaned?

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