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Wednesday, November 29th, 2023 2:36 PM

Entry sensor not working

Message says entry sensor not working. It does not chime when door opens. 

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7 months ago

Try pulling battery out and replace and see if it will connect back. Let us know if not then a call to simplisafe may be in order. 

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7 months ago

Hello @teamdrake, 

As Lance843 mentioned, it can help to replace the battery in this Entry Sensor. If that does not help we would then want to troubleshoot your sensor's connection to the Base Station by putting your system into Test Mode. 

In this Help Center article, we list out the steps of putting your system into Test Mode and troubleshooting its communication with the Base Station.

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Replaced battery.  It lights up when four opens, but no chime. Will now try test mode - thanks. 

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@teamdrake​ also wouldn't hurt to reboot the base station, unplug and pull out one battery for a minute or so the reinstall all back and I would even pull a battery out of any keypads you have as well and then reinstall and let everything reboot and I bet it will reconnect. 

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