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Thursday, August 10th, 2023 12:13 AM

Entry Sensor behavior


   The entry sensor on my system has changed behavior since a couple of months. Before - I would put the system in Away mode, and when I opened the door - the pin countdown would begin right away, Now - the pin countdown does NOT begin until I close the door again.

Any ideas/suggestions/settings to check ?


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10 months ago

Hi @avinashchandak, 

Are you noticing this behavior with every Entry Sensor on your system, or just one? If this only happens with one Entry Sensor, I would try swapping it with one that you know works properly and try opening both sensors to see what happens. If the faulty sensor triggers the countdown when you close the door, some additional troubleshooting may be needed with it - our Support team will be able to do that with you in real-time.

If both Entry Sensors act as they should and trigger the countdown once they are opened, I would look at the door the faulty sensor was originally installed on. If the Entry Sensor was placed on a metal door - like iron or steel -  it could cause the sensor to demagnetize which impacts its function. If the door is metal, my recommendation would be to add some padding under both pieces of the Entry Sensor as a buffer. This can be anything like a piece of wood, plastic, or an extra layer of adhesive. 

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