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Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 2:07 PM

Replacing Battery in the Entry Sensor

How do you replace thje batteries in the entry sensors

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2 years ago

@mikleving​ the Entry Sensor has a mounting bracket that slides right off. That will reveal the battery.

6 months ago

When you replace the battery should it automatically reconnect?

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@Kevinaweinberg ​ Yes, once you replace the Entry Sensor's battery it should automatically reconnect. However, if you find that yours doesn't you can either put your system into Test Mode and test your sensor, or remove it from your account and add it back in.

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19 days ago

The battery was low on my door sensor. I replaced it with the same type of battery and now the unit does not respond, or show a blue light when placed next to the other part. How do I "revive" the unit"?

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