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Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 1:35 AM

Entry Sensor Alarm Triggered - Alarm was not set

Earlier in the evening, my wife turned on the oven and forgot that there was a plastic cake pan in it.  (She does this about every couple years :).  We turned off the oven and removed the pan, but not before the smoke alarms went off.  As the smoke alarms were going off, we opened several doors to let some of the smoke out of the house.  We received a call from the monitoring center literally within seconds - fantastic response time.   

When we opened up a couple doors to let the smoke out of the house, it apparently triggered an alarm even though our alarm was not set.  No alarm sounded from the base station, but we received this notification in our timeline: "Alarm Triggered Front Door Entry Sensor."  We also received a call from the monitoring center about this.  

My question: Is this the way the system is designed to work?

When I called technical support, they first said that the entry sensors should not trigger an alarm if the system was not set, but after looking at our timeline, they said that that is the way the system works.  I don't think they knew very much about this situation.

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2 years ago

I found the answer in another thread.  This is the way the system is designed.  Ironically, I have had this happen before and forgot about it.  This is a quote from Davy D:

"Yes, it is indeed a current intentional design feature where if a Smoke Alarm is triggered, that also sets up the burglar sensors (the Motion Sensors in particular) to trigger a second alarm. The reasoning is that if a human was detected moving around in the property, our Monitoring service will be able to determine where they are in your home and give more info to the 911 dispatchers."


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