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Saturday, March 9th, 2024 12:03 PM

Signal that alarm is set when entry sensor triggered?

Is there a way to be notified through the base station if an alarm is set when an entry sensor is triggered by a door or window being opened? 

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3 months ago

Hi @hgiglio29, 

As Captain11 said, if you enable Alarm Triggered push notifications on your smartphone, you will be notified once a sensor has been triggered. You can do this in the SimpliSafe mobile app by going to My System > Alerts & Notifications > Push Notifications > toggle Alarm Triggered on

When a sensor is triggered the Base Station hides itself by turning off its light and not making any sound, so it will not announce when a sensor has been triggered until its siren goes off.



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4 months ago

@hgiglio29 If I understand your post correctly, you are asking if there is an alarm state that will cause to tell you the sensor that caused the alarm notice; if correct, suggest if you have monitoroing, set your phone app to generate push notices. it will tell you when the alarm goes off and the sensor that caused it. SMS messages will do the same but push alerts are the quickest, The app will also provide the same information.

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Thank you for your reply. That’s not exactly what I meant. Using example to help clarify. My husband and I don’t have the same schedules and so are often coming and going at different hours. If I were to get home and she had set the alarm after leaving, I’m wondering how I would know that the alarm had been set when I open the front door. of course I know that ideally, I’m just proactively checking my app before entering the home, but was wondering if there was any notification during the wait period before the sireb goes off. 

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@hgiglio29​ You will not receive a notification that a sensor has been tripped before an alarm sounds, but the system does have its Entry Delay countdown which can clue you in that the system has been armed. 

The Entry Delay is a set amount of time between when a sensor is tripped and the alarm goes off. And when an Entry Delay is in progress, you will hear its countdown beep from your Keypad. If you have one main entry point at your home, placing your Keypad right by that door will be the best way to be notified that the system is armed. 

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