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Friday, February 18th, 2022 10:26 PM

Do roombas set off the alarm?

I see there is an installation fix to address pets, but is there one for the Roomba?

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2 years ago

It has not set off mine. 

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2 years ago

Never had an issue with mine setting off any sensors.



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2 years ago

On April 1st last year I did my annual fake news post and used the Roomba as the subject.  I posted a "NY Times" article that said SS was going to release a "security droid" based upon a Roomba with a top mounted Simplicam. Of course it ended with "Happy April Fool's Day" with the goal to deliver a few smiles. Can't wait, only about 1 1/2 months to go....:-)

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2 years ago

Hi @mrbrains99 

SimpliSafe Motion Sensors work by infrared - that is, they're looking out for sources of heat moving around in the room. So technically yes, it is possible for them to trigger for robo-vacuums if they run hot enough.

But the Motion Sensors also have a very specific viewing angle - 45º left, right, and down. Set up normally, it's possible for the Roomba to be below that field of view entirely.

And because the view also doesn't turn upwards, you could turn the sensor upside-down and lower it to about 4.5ft - and that way, the sensor will catch only intruders at people-height, and ignore everything below.

That's one of the options that we suggest for accommodating pets, and it would work for a Roomba too.

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1 year ago

My Shark vacuum has set mine off frequently. I set my alarm for "Home" when the vacuum operates.

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