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Saturday, September 16th, 2023 3:49 AM

Can an intruder silence the alarm by smashing the base station?

As the title states...if an intruder finds the base station as it's sounding the alarm, can the intruder smash the base station or unplug it and that will silence the alarm?

I have purchased 2 additional alarms and may purchase two more. My goal is to cause any intruders to panic because multiple alarms will be going off and they will start to get nervous and hopefully leave.

I also plan on buying a metal cage that they use to protect smoke alarms. I want to secure it into a wall stud so an intruder cannot rip the alarm from the wall.

And yes, I also have the highest monitoring package ($30/mo.) from SimpliSafe.

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9 months ago

The base station has battery backup so by just unplugging it will not make it go silent. But I would assume that if someone took a hammer to it they could break the speaker. I would think it would take several solid hits.

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When you say "took a hammer"....do you mean to the base station or the secondary alarm speaker? I know the base station has a backup battery—but what if someone picked it up and threw it against the wall with all their might and completely broke it.

Would the secondary alarm that's in my other rooms go silent at that point? I have the alarm length set for 8 minutes. I'm hoping to have 5-10 alarms in my apartment so that it will cause the intruder permanent hearing damage if the idiot decides to stay there.

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9 months ago

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Hi, regarding the link you shared...

I'm finding myself having to use "Home" mode when I leave my home instead of "Away" mode. The reason for this is the 30 second delay for entry on "Away" mode. That's too long in my opinion.

I use the keyfob and have the SimpliSafe app as a backup.

Is there any way to lower the 30 second delay for "away" mode? In the SimpliSafe app, that's the lowest that I can go.

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You can call and see if monitoring can lower it. I did have my Away Entry Delay lowered. It is now at 30 seconds but was at 10 seconds previously. I did call SimpliSafe and made the request.

From the linked thread: 

"The Entry Delay countdown for Away Mode cannot be lowered to less than 30 seconds using the Keypad or mobile app. Our Support team was able to lower it on their end in the past, so I would reach out to them to see if they can do the same for you."

I hope this helps.



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@ApartmentGuy​ Between using your keyfob for home mode, to Shiherlis suggestion to contact SS to lower the delay to Emily's post that once the alarm is going off, the base has alrady  notified the monitoroing center, you have three different options.  A fourth, that I use, is to keep my base completely silent and dark. No announcments, no lights and it is pretty much hidden in a very discreet location on the 2nd floor of our house. My daughter's was set up the same way in a small two bedroom apt and doubtful if an intruder would find the base within the 25 seconds she had her delay on.  

I believe with all of the suggestions offered  you should be able to find an optional configuration for your needs.


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9 months ago

Hi @ApartmentGuy, 

If an intruder was able to smash your Base Station while an alarm was sounding and destroy it, the alarms from Base Station and Wireless Sirens will stop sounding. However, if this was to happen it would already be too late. When the system's alarm sounds our monitoring center is notified and they will reach out to you.

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