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Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 2:49 PM

Alarm Triggered

I need help asap.  I had an alarm triggered yesterday and the authorities were called out to our property, we do not live at this property, it is 150 miles away from where we live.  The police reported no sign of forced entry or vandalism.  Our neighbors were able to go after the police and check inside, nothing was found.  These messages are from my Timeline and indicate the sequence of events that lead to the alarm.  It does not make sense to me?  The first alert is "Sensor added"???  No one was at the property, no one was interacting with the system.  Did it malfunction?  By the way I called tech support and they told me they could not help me and told me to call monitoring, monitoring told me they could not help me.  The sequence of events begins at the bottom, those 4 events happened all at 2:58, except when the alarm was triggered at 2:59PM, we have the door lock, it never signaled that it was open.

Alarm Triggered
Front Door 2 Entry Sensor
2:59 PM

Entry Delay Triggered
Front Door 2
2:58 PM

Entry Sensor Synced
Front Door 2 Entry Sensor synced with Smart Lock
2:58 PM

Sensor Added
Front Door 2 Entry Sensor
2:58 PM



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4 years ago

@sugarbearsugarcub I would wait until Monday and call SS after 9am central and ask for an explanation. If the first level agent says no clue, or you are not satisfied with the answer, ask your call to be escalated. Question: in a wind, is the door loose in the frame that it would move? Highly unlikely it would move enough to open the entry sensor but just trying to think outside the box....or could just be a software snafu.  If you get a chance, post your outcome here after your call. Thanks

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2 years ago

Granted there was no low battery warning, maybe the battery is getting weak.

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@darvinhuang​ there is a possibility that if a sensor is just on the edge of being low on battery, it might have a weakened signal. But that would result in a Sensor Error.

But in that case, that would prevent the signal from reaching the Base Station at all. So false alarms shouldn't be possible.

What the original poster describes is super concerning though, and would require an escalation to a higher-level team. I might not have been around two years ago to do that for @sugarbearsugarcub , but I hope they were able to get the issue resolved!


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