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Smart Lock Not Responding


If you hear the Base Station announce “Smart Lock not responding” while trying to lock or unlock your Smart Lock, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The Smart Lock cannot communicate with the Base Station

  • The batteries in your Smart Lock need to be replaced

  • The Smart Lock is jammed and needs to be recalibrated

  • Its firmware needs to be updated

Check the Smart Lock and Base Station’s Communication

If the Smart Lock and Base Station cannot communicate with each other, it could cause this error. Two factors could create a communication issue: range and interference. 


If the Base Station is too far away from the Smart Lock, it can be hard for them to communicate. Move the Base Station closer to your Smart Lock to reduce the distance between the two devices.


Physical or wireless interference can block the communication between the Base Station and Smart Lock. Physical interference is caused by physical obstructions getting in the way between your devices - like steel doors and dense walls. If you suspect there is physical interference impacting the Base Station and Smart Lock’s communication, try moving the Base Station away from any dense objects.

Wireless interference is caused by another device that’s competing with the Base Station’s signal. These could be devices like wireless weather stations, remote garage door openers, and some baby monitors. If you have any wireless devices like these around your Base Station or Smart Lock, try deactivating them temporarily. If the “not responding” error message clears, that means the device is causing interference. You should then try to move that device to a new location if possible.

Replace the Smart Lock’s Batteries

It may also help to change the Smart Lock’s batteries to resolve this error. For more information on replacing its batteries, visit the How To Replace Smart Lock Batteries article in our Help Center.

Examine the Door Itself

The Smart Lock mechanism may be having trouble turning because of the physical properties of your door. You may need to modify it to allow for smoother locking and unlocking.

Over time, as conditions change, the Smart Lock may no longer have an accurate reading of fully open and fully closed positions. You can resolve this problem by recalibrating your Smart Lock. You can find the steps to do this in our Calibrating the Smart Lock article.

Update the Smart Lock’s Firmware

If you see a notification on your Keypad that says the Smart Lock has a firmware update available, we recommend installing that update. For more information on how to update your Smart Lock, please visit the Updating Your Smart Lock article.

Still Need Help?

If you tried the above steps and your Base Station still announces that your Smart Lock is not responding, reach out to our Support team for additional assistance.