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Delayed Live Streaming for the Wireless Outdoor Security Camera


To optimize battery life the Wireless Outdoor Security Camera enters a “deep sleep” mode when not in use. When a live stream is initiated, the camera must first wake up and then connect to Wi-Fi to start the stream. This process can take up to 10 seconds.

If you are concerned about this delay or are experiencing a delay longer than 10 to 15 seconds, you can try the below steps to troubleshoot your camera’s Wi-Fi and system connectivity

  • Move the Base Station closer to the camera

  • Ensure your Base Station is connected to Wi-Fi

  • Bring the camera and your internet router close together

    • If the Camera works in this position, there may have been too great a distance between the devices and you will need to install the camera closer to your internet router

  • You can also purchase a Wi-Fi extender to extend the range of your Wi-Fi

If the camera still does not connect when it is right next to your router, you may be experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues; in this case, you can try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection.