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How Does the Entry Sensor Respond During an Alarm


When the system is in an armed state (Home or Away Mode) and an Entry Sensor is triggered, the entry countdown will begin. The entry countdown by default is 30 seconds, however, this can be adjusted at any time within the SimpliSafe® App.

If the system is disarmed within 30-60 seconds of the initial alarm signal, this will be considered a false alarm by our monitoring center. That means you will not receive a phone call or an Alarm Text, and emergency services will not be requested to your location. 

If the system is not disarmed before the time elapses, an alarm will sound. Depending on your monitoring service plan, two things will happen at once.

The Primary Contacts for your system will receive both an Alarm Text and a phone call from our monitoring center to verify the status of your home.

If you receive an alarm text, you’ll have the option to cancel the alarm or request dispatch of emergency services. If you respond to the text with a C during the grace period, you won’t receive a call from our monitoring center.

If the alarm is not canceled within the grace period, the Primary Contacts will receive a call from our monitoring center. During this call you will be required to provide your Safe Word to the agent you speak with. Please note that providing the wrong safe word, or no safe word will result in a request for dispatch. You won’t be told you got it wrong to protect anyone who may be under duress. Additionally, missing the phone calls to your Primary Contacts will also result in a request for emergency services to the location that your system is registered to. 

We encourage you to save the monitoring center number to your phone. That number is 855-693-4911.

Once saved to your phone, you’ll also want to allow us access to bypass Do Not Disturb and Silent Profiles. This allows for Critical Alarm Notifications to get through to you, regardless of your phone’s volume or profile status.