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Thursday, June 1st, 2023 9:41 PM

Outdoor Camera and Smart Alarm Camera Firmware 1.16 (May 2023)

Hi folks,

The latest version of this firmware is focused around support for our upcoming launch of the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that we are covering both the Outdoor Camera and Smart Alarm Camera here. Our devs now build firmware for both at the same time - though you may still see slightly different minor versions for each.

Here’s what’s coming to your Cameras in Version 1.16:

  • Full support for the new Smart Alarm Indoor Camera
  • Support for live guard protection for the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera
  • Improvements to Time to Livestream
  • Optimizations and stability improvements

Previous Updates:

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10 months ago

It's been 4 months and still one of my outdoor cameras has not updated. Yes I charged the battery and removed it and re-added it to my App/Acount with it being only 3 feet from my base & WiFi.
Still nothing. Yes the camera that is further away seemed to update all on it's own.

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Same for me. And, that camera that didn't update also cycles on and off continuously all night. 

How can we force an update on the camera?

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@steve_wFirmware updates happen automatically. However, you can make it easier to update by temporarily moving the Outdoor Camera near your Wi-Fi router and Base Station. Then, remove and re-add the camera to your system. That should help to trigger an update.


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@emily_s  I’m having the same issue. I have 1 camera of 3 that is still on v1.15. I removed and re-added the camera twice, 2 inches from the base station, but it still didn’t trigger a firmware update. 


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+1 here, I have delete and re-added cameras multiple times, only 1 of 5 are on the latest release. 

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@NikkiD​ +1 one.

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