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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 12:01 PM

Watching Neighbor's House with ADT

A while back my neighbor and good friend was ready to ditch ADT and come over to Simplisafe. Of course ADT wasn't too happy with this after taking their $50 a month and asked why...yeah, that pesky SS neighbor two houses away that said how much he liked his SS system. ADT responded with a 14.99 a month loyalty monitoring payment and they stayed.  Last month we got back after vacation and my neighbor, who watched our house and took over monitoroing admin for us, said how easy it was to operate SS3 and the wide variety of sensors available. Yeah, waving on the cameras, I saw a lot ot them while away. Six days later, they are now on vacation and I get to experience ADT again.  Sent him a text that the keypads are largely different, as the systems, and glad I left the evil empire 10+ years ago.  (Note, for full disclosure for those that didn't know, I despise two companies in my life: ADT and Comcast, in that order).  He replied that he may finally be ready to come over from the darkside.

The best day at ADT was not better than my worst day at Simplisafe.  Simplisafe, you may not be perfect but thank you for protecing my family and property over the years.

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10 months ago

Hi @captain11, 

SimpliSafe's mission is to make every home secure. I'm so happy to hear that we have been able to protect your family and home!

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