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Saturday, July 24th, 2021 11:50 PM

Video door bell ringer

We really like our SimpliSafe system. I only wish the door bell could wireless ring the base unit when the button is pushed. We have a new house and had power run for the door bell and assumed that it had wireless ringer capability, so we didn't have a chime installed. Other then that, it's thumbs up.

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3 years ago

Hi dphjr276!

Yes, the primary sound for the doorbell should be going through the wired doorbell system. But yes, the Base Station can act as a secondary device for sounding the doorbell chime!
You'll want to make sure of the following:
  • Your Base Station should be updated to at least version 1.3 of the Firmware. You can learn about how check for the latest here.
  • Your Video Doorbell Pro is set up under the same location as your SimplISafe alarm system.

With those two things confirmed, you should be able to enable the Base Station Chime in the Video Doorbell Pro's Settings page.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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does the doorbell switch for my analog 12-24 V existing system work with a switch in the unit or is there a separate remote relay that I attach to the ringer box ?



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@abrobertson​ I first want to let you know that I removed your email address and phone number from your comment. The Community is a public forum, and we want to protect our users' privacy.

You should not need to add anything else to your doorbell's existing setup when installing the Video Doorbell Pro. The switch from your analog doorbell should work with the Video Doorbell. For more on installing the Video Doorbell, I recommend visiting this article in our Help Center.


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