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Monday, June 14th, 2021 3:16 AM

Suggestion - Force Touch/Widget controls for app along with activity monitoring on sensors

I recently switched from FrontPoint to SimpliSafe.
Two simple, yet very useful features that SimpliSafe does not have are: Force touch/Widget controls and exact activity monitoring on your sensors.

1) There's really no reason why you shouldn't be able to arm/disarm your system without opening the app (excluding Voice assistants). Either force touch or Widget controls would allow for much faster actions & what product of this caliber does not have at least one of those features.

2) Second, SimpliSafe (app/web) does not monitor EXACTLY when your sensors have been opened/closed. The SimpliSafe DOOR LOCK will technically track when the associated sensor is deemed "Open" or "Closed", so it should not be hard to have the other sensors work the same way. The only way you can know that a sensor is left "open" is you manually go to "Device Settings" to see if the sensor is marked as "closed"

FrontPoint gave users the exact time when a door/window was opened and when it was closed PLUS the option to send a notification if a door/window was left open for longer than a set time limit (say 15 or 30 minutes). Simple features like that are very useful when talking about security.

If SimpliSafe added just these two things in, it would truly be uncontested in the security space, in my opinion :)



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3 years ago

@brandenjbrown if you have the android app, there is also a widget available. Try it, may be waht you are looking for.

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3 years ago

Hi brandenjbrown,

Curiously, as Captain11 mentioned, the Android version of the SimpliSafe app is for arm/disarm controls. But the iOS version's widget is about camera controls only. We do bug the app team semi-regularly about it - there's no reason not to have a choice of both, on both platforms!

As for notifications - unfortunately the system is currently not designed to send notifications when an Entry Sensor is closed. For opens, you can set each sensor to "Secret Alert" in Off Mode. This will send a notification for every time a window is opened, as well as add an entry in the Timeline for it.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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3 years ago

Thank you Captain11 & Johnny.
Unfortunately, I have the Apple version of the app. Hopefully the iOS version will get the same option as Android :).

& thank you for the note about the secret alert in "off" mode. That's at least a step forward in being able to have more tracking when sensors are opened/closed. It would be very cool if the team could expand upon that ability to then send notifications if a sensor is left "open" for a set period of time and then another notification once it has been closed.

Thank you both though for the responses!
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