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Monday, February 28th, 2022 5:33 PM


Some initial observations for improvement....

Outdoor Camera

  • Ability to set the camera motion detection and alerts to turn on only when set in Home or Away mode.
  • Blocking out activity zones only prevents recording and alerts – it does not stop the camera from being triggered e.g. light will still come on if movement is detected in excluded activity zone.


Indoor Camera

  • Offer option of wall mounting and battery powered so that the camera is not confined to sitting on a surface and close to a power socket.


Key Pad

  • Offer the option to silence and/or adjust volume of the chimes in exit and entry modes.



  • Allow instant trigger for each sensor separately for Home and/or Away mode i.e. not an instant trigger across all modes set to alarm.  For example, an instant trigger in Away mode by not in Home mode.
  • Introduce geo-fencing with actions and/or reminders when you exit and enter a defined zone.
  • Should have the option of reducing further the entry and exit delay in Away mode.
  • Base unit entry sensor chime and voice prompts still seem quite loud in low setting – should allow for a further lower setting. A slide bar with number rating from 0 – 5 for example.
  • Further customisation of base station light would be good e.g. over colour choice for a given status, brightness, on/off setting for a given status.
  • Should allow the option to trigger an alarm and/or dispatch via the app. If a would-be intruder were seen from the outside attempting to gain access, there should be the ability to trigger and alarm ahead of an intruder gaining entry and triggering an alarm.
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