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Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 6:51 PM

Door Lock

I have the Simplisafe wifi door lock.    Having the same issue as the first one.   after several months,  I can not turn the knob to lock the door.  However If I use my phone or the keypad it turns just fine.   After that I can turn it manually.   You replaced the first one.  Now after several months the next one is having the same issue

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2 years ago

I have the same problem. I believe it occurs when someone opens the lock with the keypad. Then, the manual "handle" on the inside of the device seems locked so you can't lock it manually. You can either a) lock it with the app or b) with the door open, press the "Lock" key on the keypad which will cycle the lock bolt closed, then manually open the lock using the "handle" on the inside (which manually retracts the lock's bolt). Then you can close the door and manually lock it.

Also, talked to Simplistic Support and they took me through process of recalibrating the lock. Go to control pad and enter pin, then up to "Devices" and down to the "Lock" device in question and open it and select the "Recalibrate" from the actions. Fingers Crossed, this recalibration will fix my problem.

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3 years ago

Sorry about this, nevinz.

We'll have a Specialist reach out for further troubleshooting.


3 years ago

Same issue.  it worked ok for a couple weeks, now hard to turn manually from inside.  Help?

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1 year ago

Many bolt locks that were installed have a very tight fit between the bolt and the door jamb guard so when you install the SImplisafe unit, even a minor change in the alignment of the bold device can shift by enough of a tiny bit the location of the bolt so it binds against the strike plate. First, try putting a "sticky" lubricant (like lithium grease) on the striker panel AND the end of the bolt that goes into the door. That may solve your problem and if it starts sticking again, just reapply the lubricant.

If that doesn't work, get a file and file down the striker plate opening edge on which the bolt is binding, just tiny bit to give more clearance. Be sure to reapply lubricant too. These steps solved my binding problems on my 2 locks.

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