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Monday, February 6th, 2023 9:11 PM

Several Comments/Suggestions:

​Several Comments/Suggestions:​

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  1. ​IMHO, it does not make sense for the use of the Secret Alert feature to be tied to all cameras so that every time a device (like door entry) that is set up for Secret Alert causes ALL cameras to go online and capture a 1 minute shot. For sure there are situations where this could be beneficial, but more frequently, I suspect, it's not. Much better would be when someone turns on secret alert for a device to present a list of cameras and let them select, which, if any cameras should be opened and start a recording session. BTW, the shutter opening on a camera is so loud that it kinda destroys any semblance of "secrecy"... You should really find a way to more silently shutter your cameras.​
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  3. ​For both of my cameras, when they're capturing a scene, e.g., the Privacy Shutter is open, there is a constant click click click in the audio feed that is not only irritating, but also disrupts any captured sound or any dialogue with someone via the camera audio. I've attached a short video of my camera active in an empty and quiet room. The clicking you hear is from the camera...there's nothing of that sound anywhere in this room other than the camera. Also, it happens whether the Privacy Shutter setting on the camera is On or Off. I suspect it's the mechanism that opens the shutter that is the source of the noise. Perhaps the shutter is spring loaded and you have to keep a mechanical something running to keep it open and that's making the noise.  Here's a link to a video I uploaded to Google Drive that I think captures the clicking sound :​
    ​SimpliSafe Camera Clip with Clicking sound​
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2 months ago

@gholland006, thank you for your input, your feedback is valued!

Regarding the clicking sound you're hearing in your recordings, this is a known issue and our engineers are working on a solution.

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@emily_s​ will someone be proactive back to me when the engineers have a solution? It's very annoying.

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@gholland006​ we'll be updating this thread when we hear news.

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18 days ago

Note that because of an access rights problem the above link to the sample video won't work.

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