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Friday, July 8th, 2022 1:49 PM

Key capabilities missing from the Simplisafe system

Sensors are easy to install.  The setup is straightforward.  The web and iOS interfaces are intuitive and easy to use in the single user mode.  A few things that would make the product and service better:
1. Please, please, please add an automation schedule to the system.  The case we most worry about is intrusion when we are asleep in our home.  I often forget to change to the "Home" mode when we are done for the night and that leaves us vulnerable.  I'd very much like to have the system automatically switch from "Off" to "Home" from, say, 1AM to 6AM.
2. Add true multi-user functionality to the mobile app.  My wife and I both want to manage the system and the setup for multiple users isn't obvious and our activity on the system isn't tracked separately.  More importantly, we'd like to provide a limited smartphone capability to folks that take care of our property when we are out of town - house sitters, dog sitters, plant caretakers, etc.  It would be good to be able to turn their access on and off, restrict it to certain times, and see their actions in a separate timeline.
3. Provide add-on speakers without the high decibel alarm output.  We'd like to be able to hear when an entry sensor is tripped when the system is in the "Off" mode to alert us to someone coming into or leaving the house at any time - especially when the alarm is not armed.  The base station is ok for this when you are close to it, but if I'm in the garage, or in the master bedroom with the door closed, I can't hear the chime.
4. Provide movement sensors for high-value areas and items.  We have expensive artwork, computers, camera equipment, firearms, and machine tools in our house.  We'd like to know when they are moved or when areas high-value items are kept are entered, independent of the mode the system is in.   An integration partnership with Apple or Tile to combine GPS tracking with the Simplisafe system would be of extraordinary value when someone takes one of these items.  Knowing a valuable item is moved is important, recovery after that happens would be invaluable.



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2 years ago

@mtnflyer Just two comments on your list.  The first, not a high priority for me, but a stopgap for you could be to setup a reminder to arm your system at a specific time. Already available in the phone app. Yes, not what you requested but should help until (and if) SS implements this feature.

4. Some customers have used entry sensors for this purpose and are easy to install to set off the alarm for movement (again, not what you specially are requesting but a stopgap). I have one on the back of my computer and the floor, so if someone lifts it.....Also, you can use secret alerts for notification when the system is not armed.  One feature I have requested, which would help here, is allowing sensors to be active to alarm when the overall system is off. For example, while I don't have expensive art, I do have 3 basement windows that have not been opened in 30+ years. I currently have secret alerts turned on for when the system is off, but like your moving art work, I would like to know if they are ever opened....I know it won't be me or my wife.


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