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Friday, November 5th, 2021 2:08 PM

Dave Help

I ordered a SimpliSafe system October 13th. When it arrived October 18th (remember this date) I noticed several items were missing but assumed it would arrive from another warehouse. At this point, I installed the base station and paired a few sensors.  Later I contacted c/s via email simply asking when the rest will come. I received a generic response telling me to go here, https://support.simplisafe.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020289812-How-do-I-track-my-order- . Getting nowhere via email I called c/s, the agent was confused but we discovered the issue was at the fulfillment center as the "work pick list" and "work unit"  did not match my order. He said they'll exchange all the parts including base station with expedited shipping (2day).  

Well 2ish days later the tracking says it hasn't left and I called c/s  again asking for an update. She wasn't sure and it looked like it hasn't even left and said sometimes fulfillment takes 48hrs. I waited to the weekend and still no change on the tracking number, so I reached out to c/s again and was told that it must be USPS (the tracking links to USPS but the number is a Fedex number) who did not update their system and she would contact me back with an update. Unsurprisingly nobody contacted me so I figured it would be simple enough to ask via email if my order has left.

Later that afternoon I received a call from Angela who was very confused about the situation. I explained it to her that I received the wrong order and simply wanted to know when my replacement system will come. She looked into my account and thought I activated it on October 17th. I explained to her that is not possible because I received it on the 18th. We went back and forth arguing about this and I encouraged her to LOOK at the original tracking number. I don't know if she thought I was lying or stubborn to admit fulfillment made a mistake. Moving past this, she doubted I paired any sensors as it did not show up on "MY" timeline. I tried explaining to Angela obviously it's not going to show up on "MY" timeline as they sent the wrong order. We argued again and wanted me to "prove" that I paired it by arming the system, I did and even had her hear it's armed. This didn't show in her system because I'm paired with someone else's account. I tried to explaining this to Angela again, but realized it wasn't going to work.

At this point I realized she's technologically inept, and trying to explain this would not work.

Next she wanted me to confirm the serial number on the base unit was the same, or try to "activate" the serial onto my account. Unsurprisingly, it says already activated. Frustrated and trying to keep my wits, I once again try to explain what really happened at the fulfillment center. Someone packed the order for Greg T. and put my shipping label on the box. It's logical that employees scan the serial number on the base station packaging with the work pick list to "activate" onto the account. So someone out there possibly Greg T. has my system and paired sensors as shown on "MY" timeline.  Angela quickly moved the base station I had (Greg's) onto my account and viola things came up. She then proceeded to send me the missing items. I had asked her to speak with a supervisor afterwards and was told someone would contact me.

After hanging up, I realized something. The sensors and base station I already paired previously was on someone's timeline along with my serial codes and possibly my pin. Simplisafe is a security company, selling peace of mind. I was asking to speak with a supervisor about this, and it's been several days now with emails promising someone would call me between 3pm-5pm. No call was ever made as I write this.

I find this whole ordeal ridiculous that I needed to make it public but Simplisafe really failed multiple times.

-If the fulfillment center put the right fedex label on the box this whole problem would of been avoided.
-If the replacement shipment actually left the warehouse (Angela later told me that was cancelled without notifying me) it would of been a slight inconvenience.
-C/s should be better informed with standard operating procedures within their own organization.

I look a Simplisafe's building blocks of their culture,

-Customer Obsessed: down to earth? honest communicators? How about a little humility and check the tracking number?
-Aim high: Certainly they had low or poor aim when they couldn't even (or wouldn't) verify their own information.
-No ego: Angela was CERTAIN it was my fault not pairing the sensors correctly. It couldn't be fulfillment's fault.
-One team: Simplisafe's c/s apparently didn't notate the situation clearly within their software. As each consecutive c/s interaction was more confused and knew nothing prior.
-Lift as we climb: Well they dropped the ball here.
-Lean and nimble: Lean probably, its been over a week since I've asked to speak with a supervisor.

Dave (customer-support@simplisafe.com ), if you are a real person make this right.

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Hi hlc6915,

Really sorry to hear about this experience. There's quite a lot that didn't go right here!

First, unless there were certain items in your order that were current out of stock, all items should be shipping at the same time. At the time of your order, there wasn't anything backordered. So already something odd is going on.
You're right, it looks like the labels on your shipment and the other one were switched around by accident.

There are a few different possible actions that our Support team could have taken to recover after the initial error, and the right one depends on the situation. Personally, I would have opted to just send you a whole new system with everything that should have been in the first order.

But it sounds like our phone agents opted instead to work with the system that you already had in hand, and just send over the parts that were missing. I see that there was an issue with the first replacement, but the second replacement order should have already arrived.

The second, and very important piece to this was to make sure that the Base Station that you do have is the one that was paired to your Monitoring Service. I do see that was taken care of as well.

But the most important part of all this is your peace of mind. I understand that we haven't done enough to restore your confidence yet, and that's a priority. I've gone ahead and requested a callback from a Senior Specialist. We'll take care of you.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
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nothing but crickets chirping. .
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