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Friday, August 4th, 2023 1:39 AM

Some new user feedback

Hey folks,

I am a new user here. Just went through setup of my new system and about 15 sensors. It was pretty good! I am thoroughly impressed! Great work.

generally product is well designed. Here is some minor polish feedback

1. my base lost wifi as part of the setup. I actually didnt know. I saw software update fail but thats it. I said skip and did the rest of the setup successfully without even realizing i didnt have wifi. It is pretty hard in the app to see the wifi status. I called customer service because i was having a problem with connecting new gen2 motion sensor. It turned out wifi was the eoot cause. The base needed a software update. 

2. Location Profile > System Security is too buried. I am still having hardtime remembering where my pins are. I think this menu deserves to be top level

3. Its pretty hard to find and manage all devices. I would expect this to be also toplevel action. I would expect to see status from some devices on home screen. 

4. Something about your app icon just doesnt vibe with me. Maybe color scheme of orange/black. I recommend looking into it.

5. customer support was awesome! No nonsense and really helped in minutes.

6. yea i know you are working on it but please +1 for multi-user from me :)
7. please add feedback button in the app. This community forum is pretty hard to find

8. Do you have a referral program? There should be refer a friend button in the app

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1 year ago

Hi @saverchenkov, 

Thank you for your feedback, I'll forward it to our teams. If your Base Station ever disconnects from WiFi again, a message will be displayed on your Keypad to keep you updated. Also, we also do have a referral program! You can learn more about it in this Help Center article.

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@emily_s​ another piece of feedback...it would be nice if the sensor actions could be altered. A water sensor doesn't need to set off an alarm in the whole house. A notification to my phone would be sufficient. The option to determine what alert type is set for each sensor would be helpful.

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