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Monday, April 3rd, 2023 3:48 PM

smoke detectors

Where do you buy Gen 2  smoke  alarms ??

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1 year ago

Hi @snowstorm59 ,

As the Captain says, if you're asking about Smoke Detectors for the SimpliSafe Original, then unfortunately we no longer have them available.

If you do have a legacy system (also known as the SimpliSafe Original), then we strongly recommend upgrading to Gen 3, which is smarter, more secure, and has support for the latest components - including the Wireless Outdoor Camera and the upcoming Smart Alarm Indoor Camera. Reach out to our Support team and ask about our upgrade program to get at least 50% off your order!



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1 year ago

@snowstorm59 if you are talking about SS2 smoke sensors, the unfortunate answer is that you don't.  They are not, have not not been for a while, available. If you stilll have SS2 recommend you call SS sales and make a pitch for a SS3 system at a heavily discounted price.  There are many benefits and features of SS3 that made the upgrade a non event for me.

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