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Saturday, April 30th, 2022 7:40 PM

Smoke vs Burglar Siren Noise

We recently purchased our Simplisafe System, which includes burglar, CO, and smoke detectors. 

My wife made a good point… we know that all three will trigger the base siren and extra siren, but will the sound be different or can we change it? 

We don’t want to be hiding/preparing to fight a burglar when we should be evacuating the house. 


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1 year ago

@mcnamarapm7 Here is a link to an article in the help center to answer your question for smoke sensors.  Highly recommended for future use to answer many of your questions. It is not 100% but does get better each month!. Welcome to the SS family.  I trust you and your family will be happy with your new system!


Here is the link for the CO Sensor sounds:


As far as the sounds from the base, there is no specific article I could find, but the burglar siren is definitely separate from the smoke and Co alarms.  Suggest you put your entire system in "test mode" via the keypad and test a smoke sensor, Co sensor and a general alarm to hear each.

SS, you should add sound files to the help center so a customer can hear each.


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