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Saturday, April 30th, 2022 7:40 PM

Smoke vs Burglar Siren Noise

​We recently purchased our Simplisafe System, which includes burglar, CO, and smoke detectors. ​

​My wife made a good point… we know that all three will trigger the base siren and extra siren, but will the sound be different or can we change it? ​

​We don’t want to be hiding/preparing to fight a burglar when we should be evacuating the house. ​

​Thanks! ​

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11 months ago

@mcnamarapm7 Here is a link to an article in the help center to answer your question for smoke sensors.  Highly recommended for future use to answer many of your questions. It is not 100% but does get better each month!. Welcome to the SS family.  I trust you and your family will be happy with your new system!


Here is the link for the CO Sensor sounds:


As far as the sounds from the base, there is no specific article I could find, but the burglar siren is definitely separate from the smoke and Co alarms.  Suggest you put your entire system in "test mode" via the keypad and test a smoke sensor, Co sensor and a general alarm to hear each.

SS, you should add sound files to the help center so a customer can hear each.


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