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Monday, June 1st, 2020 2:05 PM

Smoke Detectors

Noob here.  I am replacing an old wired alarm system.  Will the Simplisafe smoke detectors mount to an existing single gang outlet box?  Also, where is the search box located for this forum?

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4 years ago

no, the SS smoke detectors are self contained

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4 years ago

And SS removed the search function two years ago, apparently it's not important to them.  Most of us use google, just type into google's search box:

site:simplisafe.com/forum your search terms

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4 years ago

Hey Scott204, are you asking whether the detector will physically fit over the hole left by a wired detector? There are screws that come with the SimpliSafe smoke detector so it should screw in. Do you have a photo of the electrical box to which you're referring?
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