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Monday, May 16th, 2022 7:19 PM

Smoke Detector False Alarms

​We have three smoke detectors and one has been so bad about falsely alarming that we had to remove it from the system. SimpliSafe has failed to learn from and improve their own systems and technology. ​

​they will soon go the way of Sears, Montgomery Ward, and K-mart​

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10 months ago

I sincerely apologize for your experience, @perkinsab . Our Support time might have already gone through this with you, but the way that the Smoke Detector works is that it triggers when microscopic particles enter a detection chamber. Of course, it's meant to look out for smoke particles, but it could be literally anything that is small enough to be able to get in there - steam or water vapor, dust, even possibly small insects. But something getting in the chamber is the only way that the sensor can trigger. So when we troubleshoot, we typically suggest examining where it's installed; for example, we wouldn't have it placed in a hallway in front of a bathroom, near a vent, or anywhere that can get very dusty - like a garage or basement.

From your second comment, it sounds like you've been having trouble with other sensors as well. If you would like, our community can help with troubleshooting for them as well.

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10 months ago

You were lied to by SimpliSafe.  Our second home has none of the causes cited by SimpliSafe to cause false alarms and we’ve had dozens of false alarms. The don’t care. In fact, they like it when the system false-alarms so you think it is “working”… if it never triggered, they think you’d not feel like you were getting anything for your money. 
After 11 false alarms, the police at our second home stopped responding. Since then, we’ve had a break-in that the police wouldnt respond-to BECAUSE SimpliSafe cried wolf too many times. SimpliSafe doesn’t seem to care one bit. 

I’m looking for a better system that actually helps secure the house and property … I’m convinced SimpliSafe will never rise to the challenge. 

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