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Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 2:47 PM

IP Address for Door Locks?

Is there a IP Address for the door locks? I recently set up a new network and Wi-Fi extender and I’m trying to identify all devices connected to our network. I found my base station and cameras. I know the door sensors and motion sensors don’t have IP Addresses but what about my door locks? Do I need to call to get it or is there a way to find it on my own? 

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2 years ago

To my knowledge the Smart Lock does not connect over WiFi, only via the UHF narrowband frequency to the base station (same as the other sensors). Since you are just sending "lock", "unlock" and status commands it is fairly small bits of data and doesn't need WiFi. This keeps the batteries lasting longer in the SimpliSafe Smart Lock vs. competitor WiFi locks.

I have also found this makes the Smart Lock extremely reliable. Even if power and WiFi goes out you can still unlock the door with the included keypad. No finicky Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

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@bills_60526​ you're right! The Smart Lock works more like one of the sensors, and connects to the Base Station. And it's the Base Station that links up with the app through WiFi. So it doesn't need its own IP address on your network.

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Ok I got it. Thank you so much for the help and clarification

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