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Sunday, January 19th, 2020 1:19 AM

Door lock screws

The screws on my existing deadbolt lock are too long for the SimpliSafe door lock. They are also too wide to use with the provided washers and too narrow to hold the mounting plate. Reached out to customer service that said they had no shorter screws to provide and then after reading verbatim from their webpage about shorter screws was then told they did have them. Not sure if the shorter screws will work. Looking for any possible solutions.

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4 years ago

My screws were a tiny bit long also on my recently installed lock, a Kwikset deadbolt.  Also, same problem as you, the included washers were also not big enough to fit my screws.  So, I found a couple of washers and things were ok for me.

You could try trimming of a bit of each screw.

Hope this helps.

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4 years ago

i have this same problem and just now catching up to it. is there not a simplisafe side solution? this is bonkers kwikset is one of the most common brands, i thought the simpli lock was universal?!

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4 years ago

I haven't installed my locks yet, but both of the deadbolts on which they'll be installed are Kwikset.

I'm not so excited about getting them now.

Edit: First one installed, no problem with the screws.  Everything went very well.
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